Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Saturday

Last night MB came down to KL and we went to Cheras DT and MB bought himself a pair of batik jawa pants.

I went to the office today to work.

Then i went to Bangsar to watch Mr Man 'O' Classic 2011. It was tough competition.

MB and myself didnt manage ourselves to get a stroller for Qhaleef Faheem.. So i decided to browse through the internet. Cool lah! But i don't know any good brand

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I forgot!!

1. Its 3am in the morning on Sunday and I want to sleep.. I had 2 days of brainstorming..

2. I woke up at 12 o'clock to gloomy afternoon. I did my laundry.

3. Then i went met lin's sister to borrow card reader. Then i bought KFC. 

4. Then i went to yoenoe's place to meet muhammad khaleeq faheem.. He is so adorable that i want to hold him

5. Then i went to Tesco.

6. Its the first day. 

7. I returned lin's card reader today. I met her and fizah @ azhar maju, mines

8. I am going to the office by train on Monday. I hop on to big coach with only 2 doors open. I was pushed right to the middle of the coach and suffocated as the air ventilation was really bad. So i got off at mid valley station breathing.. 

9. After that, i got the migraine aura coming my way.

10. I went to BMMB to sign some document and cimb to replace my card.then i went to EPF to sign some document.

11. Then, went to TTMC to meet Dr Ferial for some discussion and meds. So i got myself new flu meds, cafergot and antibiotics... Never too late for antibiotics, eh... i have to make frequent visit as every 6 months now

12. Jerry's issue is quite confusing. Thanks to CB he helped me out. Data start coming in and i have to be in the office at 6.30am.. Sheesh! I have to work on Saturday while MB is in town!

13. I bought 2 pair of new shoes from Nose which i think its worth the buying as i got RM20 off from my purchase hihi! But then the sewing came out..

14. Its just beneficial if I can go to the Knowledge Management talk, but i guess it just not my time yet.

15. Damn i forgot to attend the kickboxing class today!

16. I went to Wisma Sentral to see the cobbler and do my threading there.. Luckily i met with a very good beautician with god one to one personal service!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Too busy

1. It really feels good after you consume cafergot and painkiller when you have massive headache = migraine. I usually keep these two handy, or i'll look for ms nenny she's always well equiped! Aerius and chlorpheniramine is never helping with my flu!

2. I just learnt fareha safely delivered baby boy at 2250 Thursday. The given name is Muhamad Qhaleef Faheem.. Congratulations YoeNoe on the first birth! I feels happy for them indeed.. Plan to visit on Friday, no - Saturday, now - Sunday??!

3. I've emailed my client on the draft. Proposal gone down.. Now I'm proposing on how to make money from bodybuilding business. She likes it and i have to proceed with another 10 pages! Looks like one busy Saturday.

4. I've too many things to catch up on Friday. I went to Skynet, attended some work issues and had good breakfast too! Now my Saturday is filled with brainstorming session all day! I act as if there were no free Hoobanstank concert right in front of the office..

5. I'm gradually starting to remember halimatul saadiah hussain, wife of the Hidangan Ummi cashier.. I think she was once my good friend during primary school, she makes me laugh all the time! I hope next time i see her i get to talk to her..

6. I just learnt my good friend adlin got married again - to a local.. A pleasant surprise. 

7. I've emailed Buck, I've met K Fitri. All product delivered.

8. i have this one new friend who trying to be funny, but i think, his joke are not funny at all. One day i swear i want to talk to him - u know, gentleman talk...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

People Who Colours My Life, I Miss You Guys!

1. Lesson i learned today is - u never realized who u gonna bumped into. Just now when i was busy spying, the cashier told me his wife recognize me as her ex- schoolmate. Before that i bumped to sergant rahman and kak zainon with the son.. I missed them for being caring towards me... So, put on your make-up and make sure u plucked ur eye-brow all the time man..

2. Exede just cant handle it. I'll upgrade to Decondine. Better. Now, at the TTMC for checkup. Found 1. I don't remember being stress can lead to flu... Poor thing u have to read more!

3. Finish with Tanjung tapang goodness.. Now moving to blk_p5. CB came to help with Jerry issue.. Thank goodness!

4. I inherited MB market! Thanks bang! Now i can practise my economic skill.

5. I had weird dream of Zetty and her father and an old friend. I just missed these guys..

6. The KL traffic is damn bad!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1. I woke up having sore throat - its the early sign of URTI and shows my immune system has gone down. Which make me sneeze the whole week! So i grab an orange DD and milo pack drink from the gas station as I want to consume meds

2. So the drawback - i end up feeling drowsy in the office. I slept in the car during lunch hour but still feeling tired. the maintenance guy had made the aircond 'fixed', the room was too chill like never before! Worst, it was raining.. cold 

3. Looks like my backup is running fine now! All i need to do is go to the original data directory, run my tar there - list down all desired data in one single line and there you go! Thanks a sepol!

4. I like to WIFI from Avenue K foodcourt. I have the whole table, the whole space, the whole time for myself. They close at 8pm. WIFI from Hidangan Ummi, Saujana Impian is good place too. The food is very good!

5. I dont think i'll be playing futsal tomorrow. Sorry guys.. Lets play next week.

What i do today

1. I woke up to dark morning. It was raining in the wee hours.

2. Looks like my backup is not running good.

3. I went to the bank and had the bank issued new card.

4. MB told me fareha has been warded at 6 in the morning today. After work I went to CakeSense looking for pandan rollcake they dont sell orange flavored anymore. But when i arrived at HUKM, fareha was packing as she is sent home by the doctor, it is just not the time yet. So i packed some food and sate from the stalls just beside the cemara apartment and we ate altogether. Its just feel good to be with the family.

5. When i was sitting in the ward talking to fareha and kak about blood, i felt weak and i think almost fainted. I grab my phone the quickly and ran to the toilet. I have this feeling everytime discussing blood and biology.

6. When i reached home, i saw the guards lepaking in front of my house. Now they think my house is bus stand?

7. I didn't do any reading.

8. I really think its about time to move out. 

9. Is it always pain to be indecisive? That is reason i love cats and now, my ipad!

10. Received call from an event ticketing agent from London. See if the boss can send me over. I am interested.


Hello, it has been long time since my last blog.

1. I am now at a kopitiam in Prima Saujana, just had my lunch - nasi goreng + fried eggs and sambal with coffee. Not very good for my diet, luckily it was a once in two weeks time meal. The WIFI connection is just on par.. My meal is RM14.40 was bloody pricey - they even charged rm0.60 for plain water!

2. I was suppose to be in Kluang base with MB to attend EVENT invited by dear friend Capt Sanisah. Unluckily, I am on call besides, MB is on strict diet, so guess i just pass..

3. Today I'll just continue my reading to Chapter 2.2 and an HSE safety issue to discuss. I need to deliver them by Monday. Wow! It is interesting to read the story but i'm too sleepy..

4. Kaki Gym is just across the street. Should I go try? I don't go to gym honestly.. RM60/month for Muay Thai class was big sum of contribution, no discount for any reason! MB insist me to take the a..e..r..o..b..i..c.. class... 

5. I've downloaded a Lo*gman dictionary, Car iManager and remote VNC in my gear. Too many applications available makes me puke! Lets stick to useful one.

6. Anugerah Bintang Popular 2010. Congratulations Saheizy Sam being the grand winner.

7. Dennis niece passed away at 10pm at 6 months old. MB went to pay his last respect at Hospital Manjung. Death has always been grief moment.. It always reminds me of Ma.

8. I like to read. I usually share to MB anything I read. I hope he digest well..