Thursday, April 14, 2011

I forgot!!

1. Its 3am in the morning on Sunday and I want to sleep.. I had 2 days of brainstorming..

2. I woke up at 12 o'clock to gloomy afternoon. I did my laundry.

3. Then i went met lin's sister to borrow card reader. Then i bought KFC. 

4. Then i went to yoenoe's place to meet muhammad khaleeq faheem.. He is so adorable that i want to hold him

5. Then i went to Tesco.

6. Its the first day. 

7. I returned lin's card reader today. I met her and fizah @ azhar maju, mines

8. I am going to the office by train on Monday. I hop on to big coach with only 2 doors open. I was pushed right to the middle of the coach and suffocated as the air ventilation was really bad. So i got off at mid valley station breathing.. 

9. After that, i got the migraine aura coming my way.

10. I went to BMMB to sign some document and cimb to replace my card.then i went to EPF to sign some document.

11. Then, went to TTMC to meet Dr Ferial for some discussion and meds. So i got myself new flu meds, cafergot and antibiotics... Never too late for antibiotics, eh... i have to make frequent visit as every 6 months now

12. Jerry's issue is quite confusing. Thanks to CB he helped me out. Data start coming in and i have to be in the office at 6.30am.. Sheesh! I have to work on Saturday while MB is in town!

13. I bought 2 pair of new shoes from Nose which i think its worth the buying as i got RM20 off from my purchase hihi! But then the sewing came out..

14. Its just beneficial if I can go to the Knowledge Management talk, but i guess it just not my time yet.

15. Damn i forgot to attend the kickboxing class today!

16. I went to Wisma Sentral to see the cobbler and do my threading there.. Luckily i met with a very good beautician with god one to one personal service!